• We provide with the services as listed. Apart this we are ready to setup a flow and parameter on production as per your needs and volume of images.

Our Pricing
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Clipping Path Working House (CPWH)provides more value added vital solutions to the customers in international way gaining the prospective leads. We use photographer, photo studios, catalog design development, web design houses, printing companies, pre-press companies. We are providing the premium output finally through the minimum transformation at the most reasonable prices. Clipping Path Work House (CPWH) starts in versatile shifting phase have overnight twenty-four hours a day operation.

Here is the Pricing (estimated) of our prospective services: Prices are mentioned is just to have a rough idea about and beginning costing for stated service name.

Our Image Editing Services Costing
alt US $0.49
Clipping Path
alt US $1.49
Image Masking
alt US $0.49
Shadow Creating

alt US $2.49
Image Retouching
alt US $2.49
Image Manipulation
alt US $0.99
Color Adjustment

alt US $3.49
alt US $1.49
Web Image Optimization
alt US $9.99
Creative Design

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