• We provide with the services as listed. Apart this we are ready to setup a flow and parameter on production as per your needs and volume of images.

About US

We are U.S. based outsourcing company Clipping Path Work House which is a division of Creative Design House BD provides more value added vital solutions to the customers in international way ginning the prospective leads. We use photographer, photo studios, catalog design development, web design houses, printing companies, pre-press companies. We are providing the premium output finally through the minimum transformation at the most reasonable prices.

Clipping Path Work House (CPWH) starts in versatile shifting phase have overnight twenty-four hours a day operation.

There are a lot of design firms or provides on the globe but not each & every one send back excellent work. So, definitely you will differentiate about the good or bad excellent of clipping path & image manipulation solutions company to obtain excellent solutions & solutions. In a word it can be said that we are specialized in Photoshop Clipping Path, Photo Retouching, Image Masking, Color Correction, Photo Restoration, Logo Design, Raster 2 Vector works, image editing and other innovative design solutions.

We are confident about our excellent and fast pace service. Our excellent is our work, fast transformation and reasonable rate as always! We Promise – Quality, Lower Turnaround, Attractive Costs, Satisfaction Guarantee of Clipping Path, Photo Retouching, Photoshop Image Masking, Picture Restoration and Image Editing Services from Complete Online Graphics Style Organizations.

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Clipping paths are one of the most resource intensive elements of the design process. Clipping paths work house is such a offshore outsourcing company whose CEO and Founder is Mamun Molla. He was the student of Graphics Arts College. He is skill because he was the famous world analyst of graphics teacher of Mamun Molla and the uncle of Dr. RK Molla, who was the professor of famous two University of graphics arts U.S.A. Dr. RK Molla teaches digital prepress for the Graphic Design department of Arts Institute Online a division of Arts Institute of Pittsburg currently and wrote a book about Electronic Color Separation of Drum Scanner which was published in 1988, and which was used more than 50 schools in the U.S.A. Mamun Molla established a perpress and a design house by Dr. RK Molla in 2003. Mamun Molla discovered the necessity that Professional like Photographers and calelog companies like Graphics design and Image Manipulation is so high in the world market. He was excited by these themes his Online Outsources Company was started at that time and Mamun Molla involved as a Graphics Designer. They like to do work skillfully.

Clipping path work house producing site is placed at a lowest employee charge region called Bangladesh.

There are some working office of clipping path work house in Bangladesh, U.S and U.K. They provide their customer services carefully. Exports to continually ensure, that our teams are up to speed with the latest techniques/skills and any development in the applications. We use our proven method of training improvement.

Our team is very intelligent confident and discipline who progress maintaining chain of command. Our all the members of Image processing group are the students of Graphics. Our team is divided in to 3-Shift to operate 24 hours a day. So we can best quality graphics editing work for your satisfaction at your convenience. You can communicate or send image any time in a year so fast within low cost in the turnaround. They must so confident to give their services and also ready to stay with us.


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